Lovechock, Europe first organic raw chocolate has crafted a little sister.  A delicious tasting chocolate based on much loved flavours, but using only  natural ingredients. And we’re truly “a chocolate that loves you back” 

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Salted Toffee

A delicious and classical combination: Just raw chocolate with a few exotic ingredients to give you an all-natural taste. For all you connoisseurs who want to experience perfect harmony between sweet and salty

Simply Dark

Simply Dark. Simply Fantastic! A no-nonsense bar, it includes a hint of vanilla & lucuma to give you a dark experience without the bitterness.

Triple Nut

Irresistible, our nutty darling is a combination of raw cacao almonds, hazelnuts & cashew nuts. All in one chocolate tablet? Yes! A true nut crunch burst!

a little love story

We love you, the planet and others. We’ve been doing chocolate differently for more than 10 years. We know it’s  time for a change in how we make food, and what we eat. Back to pureness is our motto. 

We at Little Love put our focus on you, the planet & farmers. Together with the finest, organic, all natural &  low processed ingredients we created a better-for-you chocolate without making any compromises.

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