A mindful chocolate? We think YES.

Here comes a Little Love

 Delicious vegan raw chocolate made from the biggest superfruit of them all: RAW CACAO!

We are in love with raw cacao’s magical nutrients, from vitamins and minerals to flavonoids. That’s why we make raw chocolate, at low temperatures, with low glycemic coconut blossom sugar and way less processing than traditional chocolates.

Because we think it’s high time for Little Love chocolate which is both yummy and healthier!

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Salted Toffee

A delicious and classical combination: Just raw chocolate with a few exotic ingredients to give you an all-natural taste. For all you connoisseurs who want to experience perfect harmony between sweet and salty

Simply Dark

Simply Dark. Simply Fantastic! A no-nonsense bar of 68% cacao, it includes a hint of vanilla & lucuma to give you a dark experience without the bitterness.

Triple Nut

Irresistible, our nutty darling is a combination of raw cacao almonds, hazelnuts & cashew nuts. All in one chocolate tablet? Yes! A true nut crunch burst!

a little love story

We continuously strive to live and work sustainably:

  • Vegan raw chocolate
  • Using Mother Earth’s gifts in a humble and mindful way by using only organic ingredients and plastic free packaging (100% compostable).
  • Working directly with cacao farmers in Ecuador and Peru, paying them fair wages. Because they put their heart into growing and harvesting all our best quality natural ingredients.