An Ancient Myth And A Love Of Chocolate...

"Whenever the balance in the world becomes threatened, cacao comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the world to a state of harmony."

Deep within the Amazon rainforest, this ancient Mayan myth that has been passed down from generation to generation. It’s what inspired us to bring the wonder of raw cacao into people’s everyday lives so we can reconnect, reframe and rebalance.

The Mindful Chocolate

At Little Love, we feel the world has lost its balance. Aggression, dominance, speed and power dominate qualities such as thoughtfulness, connection, patience and compassion. Instead of co-existing and balancing each other out, the scales have been tipped. When this balance gets disturbed, it’s easy to become stressed. We stress, we worry, we get tired, we burnout.  

So at Little Love, it’s our mission to open hearts and minds, to bring back the balance and enjoy some really good chocolate at the same time. All Little Love chocolate is 100% vegan, organic, naturally sweetened with coconut blossom nectar and comes in plastic free packaging. Made with love and care, Little Love is the mindful chocolate that helps give you peace in mind, body and soul. 

We make Little Love from raw cacao that has been minimally processed and naturally sweetened. The cacao used in standard chocolate is highly roasted and processed to make the chocolate smooth. This processing strips the cacao of it’s natural goodness like vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and naturally occurring mood enhancers - what we like to call “love chemicals”.  

To preserve the amazing nutritional benefits of raw cacao, we lightly roast the outer shell and then sweeten with natural coconut blossom nectar. No unnecessary waltzing, conching or any other production steps and treatments. Just organic, vegan raw chocolate, naturally sweetened.

Yes, raw chocolate is a little rougher on the tongue but what’s a little roughness when you get the full, authentic cacao flavour and all the benefits it brings?

We believe it's good to take time out, to pause and reflect before diving back in to the hustle and bustle iof everyday life. So when things get a bit too much or the world feels plain crazy, just switch off, kick back and give yourself a Little Love.        

How We Make Our Raw Chocolate

1. Cacao Pods

Our raw chocolate starts with cacao pods in Peru and Ecuador.

2. Pulp/Beans

Once the cacao pods have reached the exactly the right hue of reddish brown, our cacao farmer partners open them and separate the cacao beans from the white pulp.

3. Fermentation

Fermentation is one of the most important steps in making delicious raw chocolate The cacao beans are placed into big banana leafs to ferment for 3 days as this helps to break down the cacao’s bitterness and acidity whilst preserving the full, rich, fruity flavours.

4. Drying

After fermentation, the cacao beans are dried andthe last bits of white pulp removed. Once dried, only the very best beans are picked for the roasting stage.

5. Light Shell Roasting

Light and short roasting of the cacao beans' outer shell

6. Winnowing

This is where we separate the shells from the cacao beans.

7. Grinding

This is the last step for our raw chocolate. We grind the cacao beans to the perfect fineness to produce our signature Little Love chocolates.

8. Making The Chocolate